Moncton Mortgages

Are you tired of feeling bamboozled by your bank?

Have you ever gone into a bank, bursting with dreams, hope and aspirations, only to leave feeling like you haven’t been heard? Feeling like you have more questions than answers? Feeling like no one is on your side?

But, here is what banks don’t tell you. They need you. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your financial situation is, they need you in order to feed a culture of greed and entitlement happening every day at banks across our nation. However, most banks only give you enough information so you stay on their financial leash even if it saddles you with debt loads that you and your family can’t carry – emotionally or financially.

We believe you are a better client than you think you are.

We are in the “people serving business”. We also happen to be really good at Mortgages.

There is no haggling on rates. We get you the lowest rates… period!

No hidden fees. We are paid by the banks. We will even tell you how much.

There is no belittling you, no intellectual bullying. No matter what your situation is, we will work with you as long as it takes to help you realize your dreams.

But, we also don’t believe in any sugar coating. We believe you need to know to what it takes to stay in charge of your future, even if it can be hard to hear.

We will never be confused with a bank.

So if you won’t back down… neither will we!